About Me  
  After graduation in 1990, I got married and since then I remained busy in raising my lovely two kids, but at the same time I have been contemplating about painting as well. Then after in 2014 my latent design inspired me again to go ahead with my original interest for painting.
  I work in mix media including wall murals in cement.
  Honi Patel
Born : 1967 (Gujarat)
Qualification : Graduated in Fine Arts, Kala Kendra College, Vallabh Vidyanagar, 1990 (Distinction)
  Awards :
All India Lal Bahudur Shastri (1st Prize), 1972
Shankar’s International Children’s Competition (Silver), 1972
Shankar’s International Children’s Competition (Silver), 1974
Shankar’s International Children’s Competition (Silver), 1978
Shankar’s International Children’s Competition (Silver), 1979
Common Wealth Institute Art Exhibition for young people of Common Wealth (Silver) 1974
6th All India Child Painter’s Contest (1st Prize), 1973
Kunniakirsa Commission Finland Merit, 1978
Maha Kaushal Kala Parishad – Raipur (1st Prize), 1988
State Level Exhibition (3rd Prize), 1989
Joined Exhibition with Mother Mrs. Ranjana Patel(Sculptor) in 1990
Contact : +91 991071753
Email : patelhoni@gmail.com
Website : www.honipatel.com
Message from Padmashri Kanti Patel (Renowned Sculptor)
I am very delighted to say that the paintings by Honi Patel are very expressive and meaningful and they will surely lead her towards the inner harmony and beauties of life.

  Honi Patel  


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